Ezi-Maid - Bed Frame and Liftingg System. Make beds easier than ever before with the Ezi-Maid system!
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Make beds standing up!

Ezi-Maid - Fits to your existing beds!

This remarkable new and innovative product boasts the following benefits:

  • Lifts bed waist height - Less Back Injury
  • Vacuum under your beds - Cleaner Rooms
  • Faster bed making - Less Staff Costs
  • Less tiredness - Easier Working Conditions
  • Happier workers - Less staff turnover
  • Fits to almost any ensemble bed - Easy to Install

NEW from Ezi-Maid

The Ezi-Lift Manual Bed Lifting System!

Click here to view it.

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The New Inventors
ABC National Television

Ezi-Maid Video

We use world class Linak motors.
World wide warranty applies.
Linak - We improve your life

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Ezi-Maid - Makes cleaning under beds easier
Ezi-Maid - Make beds standing up!

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